ICC Financial
If you're like most people, there is always tomorrow to think about your financial future. 

The demands of work, family responsibilities and the general distractions of life compete for your time and get in the way of planning ahead. Taking control of your financial future needs to be a priority.

There is a solution.

ICC has a professional team of qualified advisors who provide financial planning and investment advice to people like yourself. We work closely with you to understand your unique financial position so we can give you comprehensive advice. We put together an overall strategy that takes into account your short, medium and long-term objectives.

Ultimately, we help you to secure your financial future. 

Our clients cover most business sectors and professions. Some are first-time investors, while others are more experienced. We offer a range of investments to meet all needs. We also work with other professionals, including bankers, lawyers and accountants where specific advice is required. 

International Commerce Corporation is registered with the Securities and Futures Commission
( SFC ACA028 ) as an Investment Advisor and is a member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association ( PIBA 0085 ). All of our services are provided in an environment of personal attention, professionalism and strictest confidence. 
Pilot Insurances 
Through our partnership with www.pilotifs.com ICC provide innovative insurance solutions and financial advice to Airlines and professional Pilots worldwide. Visit the website or contact us for more information at pilotifs@iccfinancial.com.